“The journey started with two guys riffing about music while counting people crossing the line at a local parkrun. They have travelled through sitting rooms, attics and family celebrations to finally end up in a recording studio. Along the way songs have been debated and polished. The results are 13 original acoustic compositions evoking history, identity, memory and personal themes. There is social commentary, passion and poetry in the lyrics. Award for most original song title must go to “Nobility of Rain”. The studio arrangements have added depth and opened out songs I first heard in their raw state. Sit back, listen and enjoy “
Phil Stanley, Wirral

Review published on the Liverpool Acoustic website

Album review: The Folk Doctors – Silent Shores

Review of our short (croaky-voiced) set at 81 Renshaw at the Liverpool Acoustic afternoon on 5 May 2018

Liverpool Acoustic Afternoon at 81 Renshaw 05/05/18With so many music events going on this weekend in the city that…

Posted by SCENE and HEARD on Sunday, 6 May 2018


The Folk Doctors, Silent Shores. Album Review.